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Masaki Yuki

Masaki Yuki

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I am a social psychologist who is primarily interested in cross-cultural psychology as well as in human group behavior and cognition.

My main research interests are as follows:

Culture and group behavior: How are East Asian collectivism and North American collectivism (not individualism) qualitatively different from each other? A test of the hypothesis that East Asians look at the ingroup as a bounded interperonal network among the members, and are motivated to maintain intragroup harmony, whereas North Americans, consistent with social identity theory, tend to regard the ingroup as a homogenous entity, and are motivated to gain/maintain higher ingroup status relative to outgroups (Yuki, 2003; Yuki, Maddux, Brewer, & Takemura, 2005; Brewer & Yuki, in press)

Cultural differences in emotion recognition: A test of hypothesis that, when judging other's emotions, Americans tend to put importance on the shape of the person's mouth, whereas Japanese tend to emphasize the shape of the eyes (Yuki, Maddux, & Masuda, 2007) (in collaboration with William W. Maddux, and Takahiko Masuda)

Multiplicity of sources of ingroup bias and discrimination (in collaboration with Kunihiro Yokota)

Effects of social structure on self-, relationship-, and group-processes (in collaboration with Kosuke Takemura, Hiroki Horikawa, Ying-Yi Hong, Letty Kwan, Joanna R. Schug, Kosuke Sato, Shigehiro Oishi, and Kengo Kayama)

Cultural differences in the perception of consequences of events (Maddux & Yuki, 2006) (in collaboration with William W. Maddux, Ivy Lau, CY Chiu, and Ying-Yi Hong)

Primary Interests:

  • Culture and Ethnicity
  • Group Processes
  • Intergroup Relations
  • Prejudice and Stereotyping
  • Social Cognition

Research Group or Laboratory:

Journal Articles:

Other Publications:

Masaki Yuki
Department of Behavioral Science
Hokkaido University
N10 W7 Kita-ku
Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0810

  • Phone: +81-11-706-4169
  • Fax: +81-11-706-3066

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